747 Flight Simulator

I came across a flight sim that claims it’s the next best thing to being up there. They have 120+ aircraft to fly, including a 747 Flight Simulator. Whether you’re a flight sim enthusiast or a pilot looking to sharpen your skills, this air flight simulator has you covered. A student pilot said this ProFlightSimulator software is a great way to keep the skills sharp between real world flying stints. Another flight sim enthusiast says he has hundreds of hours of PC flight time, so he knows his stuff, and he said:“Everything in the cockpit is modeled very accurately – and you get to control every switch, button, and handle. Very immersive”

Basically, you download a piece of software, and you can start flying the 747 immediately right from your own computer. It looks pretty cool, plus you get a ton of different variables to choose from, so the simulator is always changing and interesting with different scenery, weather, aircraft, terrains, and airports.

Actually, they went kind of crazy with the detail on this flight sim.

  • Airports have correct runway markings and lighting.
  • Slopes on the runways are the same.
  • Scenery includes lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, and land cover, and the terrain is based on a US Defense mapping agency.
  • The program will figure out your nearest airport and grab the latest weather report from the NOAA weather service, so you experience exact conditions, including the effects of weather and wind on your aircraft. Plus, it takes into account: temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind, and visibility.
  • Aircraft reactions are lifelike. Release the brakes on the runway and you start rolling backwards.
  • Appropriate instrument lag, gyro drift, and real life magnetic compass issues.
  • Instrument animation updates at the same time your view out the window of the cockpit updates.

I checked out some of the screen capture videos of this sim and it looks pretty great. They really put in a lot of work to get as much realistic detail as possible.

The software works on PC or MAC and you get 100% free updates and upgrades. It works with joysticks, yokes, and rudder pedals, but you can also use your keyboard to play.

If you’re looking for a good 747 Flight Simulator, I would check out this flight sim software.